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Cops in my Neighborhood

It’s a proven fact, the more cops who live in your neighborhood, the safer it is. In fact, I just happen to have the belt and suspenders of all neighborhood protection plans, a gun range as well!


Just a few blocks from my home is a gun range. It’s dirty, there is no “tacticool” clubhouse to have a beer at the end of a “grueling” day at the range. It’s run by rednecks, the most gun safety conscious, and nicest people in earth. And I could not be more at ease at their facility.

In fact, the gun range I call home is so busy with shooters exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, it’s like the ultimate perp repellent. Not to mention I have four cops in my “hood” who are at the beck and call of any neighbor.

Add to the fact my neighbor owns a major gun holster company, you may have heard of them, I live in 2A utopia. But as a conscious self-defense advocate, does that mean anything to me when a perp enters my home aiming to take my life? Nope!

Regardless of how many defenses you have built around you, the one thing a perp always depends on is a weak response. He, after all, has the element of surprise. You are just sleeping the night away in your comfy bed, stressing over the next fiscal reports that are due on Monday, or the performance review that impacts your hourly wage.


Show me a single conceal carry dude who never sleeps on the job, and I can show you 1000 more who do. We all want to feel like we have prepared for the fight, but how many have truly prepared? How many have gone way beyond their “worst case scenario” mindset in order to actually be ready for the fight that may come their way? Sadly, few.

It’s been said of millionaires, they never sleep. Always seeking a way out of their “misfortune”. Always looking for an edge. True, biologically speaking, sleep is a requirement. Otherwise you end-up like Jack Nicholson in the Shining, murdering his entire family. And while that is pure fiction, the same goes for the restless defender. The balance of a relentless pursuit of the perfect response plan must be offset by the reality that you can’t plan for every scenario; you have got to let go of the unknown. At some point you have to be ready for the inevitable.

But defenders never sleep regardless. They aren’t caught-up in greed, social status, or things that make their life look “Insta”. Of course a new light or muzzle break tends to quell their spirit for a short while, but their passion is in preparing for the fight and the gut-wrenching reality of an encounter that will bring somebody to their knees, and maybe to the end of their life. It’s a constant, never-ending battle.


I meet a lot of cops in my day to day interactions, probably because I live so close to them. But like any professional they have a choice, you can go through life regurgitating what you learned in school or follow the rule of “common-sense law”, assess the situation, and determine the best possible outcome given the intent.

Cops are intentionally programmed to be robots. They are constantly subjected to leadership concerned with law suits, stupid people who don’t understand “no”, and laws that don’t make sense; forced down their throats until they potentially lose the one thing that makes them a critical part of society: their ability to rationalize a situation and make a proper decision, or they reject their “career path” and become simply staunch defenders.

This by no means is a disparagement on our police force. I need cops to be smart, accurate, and willing to put their “future reputation” on the line at the same time as their life. My kids and family depend on it. After all, there is only one thing outside my own preparation that separates the safety of my family from the perps. Them.

But it can’t be ignored, our civilian police force does not always protect the innocent. Our court system is stacked against us. The feds constantly re-interpreting the laws that disarm law-abiding citizens. Self-defenders left in financial ruin, jailed for defending their own homes. When is enough going to be enough?


My wife is a good shooter. My kids, well that’s a work in progress. Are they all staunch defenders of 2A? My wife better be! But hell, my kids are still trying to figure-out 1A. So when it comes to depending on your neighbors, the cops, or the local coalition of 2A m’f’ers in your circle, to defend your life, you are on your own brother.

Long story short, you can’t depend upon anyone but yourself to defend your home, your life. Worst yet, even if you end-up ass over tea kettle there is no guarantee you have any support system. Social and mainstream media have seen fit to program the “Stockholm Syndrome” narrative daily into our lives to make everyone OK with being a victim, like sheep, making you a perfect target for the goons who watch you sleep at night.

Murder rates are going down right? Violence is controlled right? Yea, that’s a fallacy. Fact is, incarceration is at an all times high! Probation is at an all time high! The goons are on the streets and their career plan isn’t a technical degree, it’s taking what is yours and making a profit.

Are you prepared to meet your maker? Are you prepared to forfeit you life for someone you don’t even know? If you are, consider yourself the .01% of the 1%. Of the thousands who even get it, sadly only one will actually get it; willing to prepare and sacrifice their life for another.

My hope is every one of our cops feel the same way. But don’t tell the cowards who sat in their comfy patrol cars at Marjorie Douglas High Scholl in Florida while scores of kids were murdered by an angry child who also attended their school. They are alive to tell their pathetic story. Hopefully you are listening...


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