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2A Men make better Men

In a time where we can hardly keep-up with all the genders, the pronouns people call themselves, or all of the sexual orientations that are invented each day, how can we actually find some common sense and happiness? It’s not that hard.


I grew-up in the 70s. Boomer parents trying to make it in the suburban Midwest, we were a family of simple pleasures: motorcycle and snowmobiles. Mom made meatloaf six out of seven days a week, don’t get me started on her salmon loaf, and in between our hard working father provided far more than we could ever have desired.

But the 70s generation was caught between so many major cultural changes. The 50s laced with powerful corporate men and incredible architecture, to the 60s hippy culture that spit in the faces of our soldiers. Fast forward to the 80s, when men were likely to identify with double pink & white polos with popped-collars, we were on a fast track to make men disappear.

The 70s were pretty much a black hole of culture and progress. Economically, it was forgettable; thankfully my polyester hand-me-downs kept me out of any spotlight. But it was a depressing decade.

Then the 80s came along. Everything was neon and “global”. Remember the Benetton ads, apartheid, global hunger, recycling? The Cold War was finally over, we were no longer threatened by communism. But it was one step forward, two steps back. Nothing truly great became of the 80s but music and technology.

The 90s is when it all started to crumble. As the nerds of the world became more and more relevant, with tech start-ups that rose and fell like the stock market, the hard-core working man was simply no longer interesting. The men who built our great nation were not only forgotten, they were shunned.


Don’t get me wrong, I love strong women. But most strong women today only know how to shit on men. My mother is a strong woman. She was a homemaker. She took her job seriously. And when me and my brothers left the home she became a successful business woman. Wondering how she could translate her “repressive” wifely and motherly duties into a successful career? She didn’t shit on men.

Women who call themselves feminist today don’t have a clue what it is to be feminine, much less a woman. We survived millions of years in the hunter/gatherer home. Women gathered, cared for our children, and prepared the home. Men left for days or weeks to hunt. After freezing their asses off or risking their lives for the hunt, they brought home scores of animals to help the family survive, skins to keep them warm, and tools to build their homes.

Men today have zero clue about this history: Men are the killers. Women, the caretakers.

Instead, today women want to act like killers, lol, and “men” post their favorite dishes or coffee houses, dress like metro-sexuals, and engulf soy like it is the new heroine. Testosterone levels are at an all time low. But watch me dance ladies!

Real men, those who can repair an engine, work a gun, shingle a roof, or tear-up a concrete driveway, they still exist. But they are becoming a rare breed. Show me a guy who can chop-down a tree and I will show you a thousand girly-men who can’t even change a battery in a smoke detector.


The thing about gun guys is you can be a skinny millennial and still have a lot of “man” clout. Of course the dudes that grow huge beards and bench press small cars are manly, no argument there. But gun men tend to be protectors. They aren’t just tacticool dudes, although there are a lot of them as well. They tend to be knowledgeable of political and global issues that impact their family’s well being. Their safety.

Show me a gun guy and there is a high likelihood he is a “toxic male”. Zero f*cks to give and dangerous as a rattlesnake. In other words, a “Hunter”. Women are attracted to these men because those who are actually in-tune with their “Gatherer” lineage see these men as the protector, the builder, the man who will keep she and her children safe from harm.

Real Men are fearless and frightening. They aren’t afraid of a challenge. And even if they fail, they find gratitude in the fight. The world is a scary place, who better to face it head-on. “But equality” they scream! Yea, tell me that when women dominate ironworker or battlefield jobs. Never gonna happen.

Of all men, the ones I immediately respect, they know their way around a gun. Not because they are dangerous, but because they have learned to harness the most violent killing machine on the planet, and can deploy it with great precision. These are the men I admire The most. Not some rich dude is a mansion playing craps with the livelihoods of others, but everyday normal dudes who will drop a perp in seconds flat, and then sweep his petit lady off her feet...


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