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Pistol Holsters

Average Price: $145 (does not include Belt)


We recommend only one brand of OWB, belt-mounted holster.  We own a lot of holsters, and many of them are good quality. Safariland makes excellent holsters, and we encourage you to explore options.  The good thing is, if you do choose a Safariland holster, it will be compatible with all of the equipment we recommend.  The difficult thing about Safariland is all their options. You can easily pay a lot for features on a holster that you just don't need.

That's why we are big fans of TRex Arms. We have no affiliation with them other than they simply deliver the best service and quality for the price.  Their philosophy is similar to our's, offer quality products proven in the field.

TRex Arms Ragnarok ($70-85)

The Ragnarok is made of high quality Kydex, and has an adjustable tension system that lets you determine how sticky your pistol is retained by the holster.  It mounts easily to the Safariland UBL holster belt mount.

They also make the Ragnarok in a light-light-compatable model that supports many popular brands.

Safariland UBL Mid-Ride Belt Attachment ($20)

The UBL or Universal Belt Loop system is a high quality holster & belt attachment. Your belt simply slips through two, 2" slots that cinch the belt against your hip, and prevents the holster from sliding on your belt.  Be sure you buy the UBL with a 2" slot, there are different slot models

The UBL comes in three drop lengths: Belt-height, Mid-Ride, and Low Ride. We recommend the Mid Ride, although if you are tall, the Low Ride my be your preference.  Belt height is not preferable unless that is your style

Safariland QLS Fork ($15)

Safariland QLS Receiver ($20)

While not required to secure your pistol holster to your UBL, the QLS system makes it easy to swap holsters on your belt with no tools required. The QLS Fork is typically secured to your holster, and the Receiver to the UBL.  The Fork has two teeth at the bottom that click into the Receiver, retaining it very securely.

TRex Arms Thigh Strap ($18)

A Thigh Strap is also not required, but it adds to the fit and retention of your holster to your belt and leg. We have researched a lot of different thigh straps, most of them are OK, but the TRex Arms strap is head and shoulders above the rest in both quality and design.

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