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Personal Training

If you are in or around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, we are available for Personal Training.  All classes are restricted to no more than two (2) attendees. If you don't have the proper equipment prior to attendance, we will provide it. Details will be provided upon confirmation of your appointment.

  • Cost: $75 per person ($25 dollar per person deposit, remainder due at session)

  • Range fees not included

  • No more than 2 trainees per session

Pistol 1: New Pistol owner?  New to Concealed Carry? (3 hours)

It's all about the basics here.  In just 3 hours, you will learn to:

  1. Grip your gun properly and control recoil

  2. Understand aim & sight picture and eliminate beginner mistakes

  3. Refine your trigger control for consistent target accuracy

  4. Expand your shooting skills at home, no costly ammo required

Pistol 2: Next Level Shooting & Advanced Skills (3 hours)

Once you have graduated beyond the basics, this class will upgrade your skills and provide immediate improvement to your:

  1. Draw stroke efficiency from holster

  2. First shot from holster accuracy

  3. Reload skills

  4. Managing gun failure

  5. Setting and achieving your goals to become a better shooter

Pistol 3: Self-Defense and Tactical-Focused Skills (3 hours)

At this point, attendees are proficient with their draw and accuracy.  We can now focus on scenario-based training that covers:

  1. Engaging threats from cover

  2. Engaging multiple threats at close distance

  3. Shoot & Move techniques

  4. Basic Field Medical

Concealed Carry 1.5: Carry Basics (3 hours)

Now that you have committed to Conceal Carry, and you have taken at least a Pistol 1 class by a certified instructor, let's get you prepared to carry safely and effectively:

  1. What position(s) to carry your pistol

  2. Drawing from concealment and holstering safely

  3. Situational awareness and when/why you deploy your pistol

  4. Handling, clearing, and storing your carry pistol

  5. Alternative carry techniques

Tactical Equipment: Pistol Upgrades, Belts, Holsters, and more (3 hours)

If you want to take your training to the next level, let's get you prepared with the proper equipment and know-how so you can make good decision on your rig and optimize your training experience:

  1. The most effective pistol upgrades

  2. Which belts and attachments are right for your needs

  3. Which types of holsters optimize the shooter's experience

  4. What basic medical should you carry

  5. Situational rigs: What should I employ at the range, home defense, travel, or just commuting

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