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Level 3: Operator Belt: Products

Level 3: Operator Tactical Belt

Average Price: $210 (does not include Pistol Holster)


If you require hard-core equipment, this belt is all you need. Nearly the entire belt is an upgrade from the Range and Train Hard belts, so the price is going to increase pretty dramatically as well

Idogear Tactical Molle Belt ($40)

This 2-piece belt will fit waist sizes from 30-42 and has a Cobra buckle that is nearly impossible to accidentally release.  It also has a Velcro loop inner belt that you can place inside your pant belt loops and then secure the outer belt which has a Velcro Hook lining on the inside.  It is not required that you use the inner belt separately, just leave it on the outer belt, don’t separate them

Esstac 5.56 Single KYWI Tall ($32)

A hybrid kydex and nylon design that has excellent retention. Don't pay extra for the Molle on the front of this holster unless you are planning to stack another holster in front of it

Esstac Single Pistol KYWi ($22)

Fits 9mm, 40cal, 45acp Double Stack Magazines

You can also purchase these mag holsters for you Range or Train Hard belts, although the Range belt would use the Esstac 2" clip, since it has no Molle

HSGI 3" Malice Clips (6-pack) ($17)

We recommend the short HSGI Malice Clips for securing your Molle attachments to the recommended Molle belt.  This 6-pack should cover at least 2 pistol mag holsters and 1-2 rifle holsters.

TRex Arms Dump Pouch ($45)

This is our favorite dump pouch. And though it does not use Molle, they designed it so it stays very secure on your belt.  You can also refer to our video collection for installing this attachment

Condor Tourniquet (HHR) Pouch ($13)

This pouch is made for a Hand Held Radio, and is just the right size to hold the RATS Gen 2 Tourniquet we recommend

RATS GEN 2 Tourniquet ($16)

Always have at least one tourniquet on your belt. You can bleed to death in minutes, tourniquets save lives

VooDoo Tactical Blood Type Belt Hook ($9)

In case you get hurt, the responders may need to know your blood type

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