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Training Aids

Simply print these targets at home, take them to the range, spray glue or staple them to your target backer board, and fire-away!

Pistol - Novice Shooters

Employ these targets at the range to dial-in your accuracy and remediate beginner mistakes:

  1. Diagnosing Sight Issues (Right-handed)

  2. Diagnosing Trigger and Grip Issues (Right-handed)

  3. Diagnosing Sight Issues (Left-handed)

  4. Diagnosing Trigger and Grip Issues (Left-handed)


Pistol - Intermediate Shooters

Pistol - Adanced / Situational Shooting

Excellent tools for Self-Defense and Expert-level training:

  1. 2 & 1 Drill - Self-Defense

  2. Casino Drill - Counting, Reloading, Target Movement

  3. 1 Reload 1 Drill - Maximum reload practice (see instruction video for more information)


Target Stands and Backers

Additional supplies we recommend if your range allows you to setup your own targets (which is ideal for shooting outdoors at 6-12 yard distances)

  1. Target Backer - Cardboard IDPA Target used to support our paper targets. Simply staple or spray glue the targets to this board

  2. Target Stand - Take this stand to the range and use your own targets. You will also need 2-6 foot, 1.25" thick furring strips to staple the backer onto and 4 tent spikes to secure it to the ground in windy conditions

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